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I'm a Senior Software Engineer and Entrepreneur with a demonstrated experience in the computer software industry. Throughout my career, I have been focusing on building reliable and scalable distributed systems, as well as increasing developer efficiency through automation. I'm looking for engineering roles at companies targeting developers, with a strong infrastructure and tooling focus.



January 2017 - Present
Senior Software Engineer - Engineering Tools

Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale application infrastructure. As part of the Engineering Tools team, my role is to help people be efficient and successful at their jobs. Among other projects, I'm the main contributor behind the build infrastructure used daily by 400 engineers.

  • Completely rearchitected the build infrastructure from scratch focusing on increased reliability and security, using Docker and Gitlab
  • Scaled up our on-prem Gitlab installation to reliably run a million builds per month, with detailed monitoring and alerting
  • Maintained a fleet of around 200 build runners operating around the clock
  • Coached engineers on CI best practices and performance optimisations, shaving thousands of man-hours accross all our repositories
  • Designed a multi-tenant IAM permission system to isolate sensitive repositories while keeping a generic infrastructure (kube2iam-like for Gitlab Docker runners)
  • Migrated build infrastructure secrets from various stores to AWS SSM, making them centrally managed and auditable
  • Developed a system to give privileged docker socket access to build jobs while preventing persistence accross builds
  • Improved the systems hosting internal artifacts (both debian packages and docker images)
  • Moved the static assets used in the production website to be built for and deployed through a CDN
  • Transitioned our monolith python app to a virtualenv-based deployment
  • Contributed to the virtualbox development environment used locally by engineers, including building and hosting it in AWS


July 2014 - April 2016
Co-founder and CTO

Sharette was a carpooling app designed for your every day commute, mixing public transports with car rides. As a co-founder, I had many responsibilities: leading the r&d team, product development and design, fundraising, hiring, company culture, public speaking to name a few.

  • Developed the product and infrastructure from scratch, using Go, Ruby on Rails, Angular, TypeScript, PostgreSQL among others
  • Researched and designed the routing algorithms and geo datastores powering our itinerary search
  • Led the integration of our API in the mobile apps of the Paris public transport company (RATP)
  • Built a fully automated and monitored infrastructure: immutable AMIs, Cloudformation, containers on Amazon ECS, Ansible, Loggly and Datadog
  • Managed our self-hosted continuous integration with BuildKite and Docker
  • Developed an internal CLI tool for development automation and credentials management
  • Contributed to company-wide team building and management, hiring, company culture and development processes
  • Oversaw the design and branding of the product and the company
  • Open sourced the vagrant-fsnotify gem, a vagrant plugin providing filesystem notifications on shared folders


October 2012 - June 2013
Software Engineer

FidMarques extracts and analyses the purchases you made at a grocery store using a picture of your receipt. While I contributed to multiple areas of the product, my primary focus was on building a resilient background processing pipeline and improving developer productivity through automation.

  • Refactored and reorganized our backround processing pipeline using the Ruote workflow manager
  • Automated and optimized common developer tasks into a CLI tool
  • Designed and implemented a duplicated receipt detection algorithm, based on textual data and the Nilsimsa signature algorithm
  • Built a POC for receipt data extraction using a Parsing Expression Grammar (with parslet)
  • Migrated our code base to a monorepo using Rails Engines
  • Created a unified development environment inside a virtual machine using Vagrant
  • Opensourced two gems for controlling Resque jobs from Ruote: ruote-resque and ruote-synchronize
  • Minor contributions to the activeadmin and ruote gems.


September 2011 - September 2012
Co-founder and CTO

Gullibear was a social network to share and contribute to entrpreneurship projects. As a co-founder I participated in many areas of the company including development, design, product, marketing and admin tasks.

  • Developed a social platform using python on Google App Engine, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3
  • Heavily involved in product design and graphic design
  • Organized a "Networked Nonprofit" conference, with talks from the Red Cross and the Fondation Abbé Pierre
  • Presented the company at various public events


École Centrale Paris, Paris (FR)

2009 - 2014
MSc Engineering
Computer Science & Project Management
  • Highly selective master’s level engineering school
  • Studied airplane jet engine noise reduction techniques in 100-hour team project
  • Designed innovative open-source photography browsing UI in 200-hour team project
  • Investigated an innovative self-service car-renting program (Domobile) in 200-hour team project.
  • Telemarketer for the school corporate funding team
  • Tutor for students ranging from high school level to Bachelor level
  • Took a one month beginner chinese course at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Participated in Winstrat, a business simulation game, and won the second prize against 100+ competing teams

Hanyang University, Seoul (SK)

2012 - 2012
Exchange semester
Computer Science


Native speaker